file0001950341585What is safety to you? Many times we look to our dearest friends, closest family members and trusted communities to provide it for us. It is here that we allow our self to be vulnerable, brave, and open. It can be a beautiful supportive network to turn to. But our feelings of safety come from more than just those we surround ourselves with and the container that they offer for us. Feelings of safety are also reliant on how much we identify with our personal ego and self image. If we are walking this world with our ego's eyes on the look out then even the most beloved in our lives can be triggers for reactions that threaten our safety. One word that feels judging, one difference of opinion, or one misinterpretation can cause a flood of self-criticism, fear, worry and angst. Our ego has seen to it that when it is on watch, we can be sure that there is no safety to be certain of. It is and will be threatened continually.

When we live in the essence of our soul, when we live in our truth and stay present in the moment we are able to embrace safety. We are not looking to others to provide the perfect condition for us. We bring it with us. We find safety when we are not trying to be in control, to be right, and when we stop worrying about what others think of us.

While it is so terribly important to have those in our life who build us up, who celebrate us and file000514847518give us soft places to land, we certainly cannot expect them to offer it for us all the time and with everything. That is an impossible expectation. So if we can remember this and instead turn to them when it is available and still know we have our own authenticity to rely on we find that safety surrounds us wherever we go and with whomever we are with. Our soul keeps it in balance for us.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade