Listening with Presence

Communication is a skill. And some are better at it than others. There are so many ways in which we file2461264640071communicate. But in conversation listening with presence is often an act of love, respect and beauty. Our listening skills get better, stronger, and more expansive when we are aware and open to the other person's needs. Listening with a compassionate heart and without our own personal filters keeps us in the moment and engaged with the message. As we listen with our heart and soul we begin to harmonize with the other person. We find the flow to the conversation's energy. We then are able to choose with great wisdom the words the other is ready and able to receive. We do not bring our agenda to the conversation. Our listening becomes a creative force. There is a beauty to the flow of the energies propelling the conversation forward into possibilities as opposed to shutting it down or trying to manipulate it.

SyntekExifImageTitleWhen we listen this way we are able to truly hear the message. We can witness the feelings that are trying to be conveyed; all of it, not just part of it. When we bring our loving presence to the role as a listener, we find that the partner in the conversation feels witnessed, attended to and valued. Exactly what we hope for when we have someone listening to our thoughts, feelings, ideas or opinion.

Blessings ~ Lisa

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