Circular benchesIn order for things to change in my life, in order for there to be room to grow, and in order for there to be room for trial and error...I need space. Space to be creative, to be able to pause, to be able to dive in and explore. I have found this space when I step inside. I find this room for change and growth when I remove myself from the drama, the story, the excess and the noise of the world around me. Some say that I tend to be a loner, and that may be true, but for reasons that are far different from what they think. I need to find the blank canvas, the clear space, the empty page in order to find the intuitive guidance of my soul, the meaning of my truth and the creative energies that are longing to be explored. I find the answers to my questions in this space. I find the challenges to my growth. I find the wisdom of my heart. And I find the essence of my soul there. Looking outward has yet to provide me with the richness and abundance that I find within.

So how do I create this space? It is often found in nature. It is often found in claiming quiet time without the world's distractions. So much of my personal movement happens in this quiet. I breathe deeper. I see more clearly. Life becomes vibrant. Ideas explode. Truth encourages. And my soul dances.

Within this space I find more energy. I find a peace. I also find that I really am so comfortable file000179209390there. When we become comfortable with our silence we are then open to the energies of the Universe. We hear the call to follow our passions. We connect with Source and open our hearts wide. Within this inner sanctuary I honor, celebrate and dream. It is a deep crystalline pool of wonder and inspiration that I can access at any time.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade