How to Be True to You

I have a question that I have dealt with in the past and I feel as though I have answeredfile000448581062 it fully, to this moment anyway, as I still ask it each and every day now. Let me share it with you. Where are you not being true to yourself? It is a big question and the answers do not just lie on the surface. I asked it because I found myself at a point in my life where I felt my authenticity was slipping. Do you recognize that feeling? You know, you find yourself doing things because they are expected of you, you are in relationships that are not serving you and you are resentful of them, you are going through the motions and not living days of joy and beauty but instead mundane and ordinary. I felt brittle and paper thin in my truth. I wanted a full life, I wanted extraordinary, I wanted to bring my dreams into my I answered the question. Any kind of discomfort or blockages that I was experiencing were there because I was choosing to let them be there. I was pretending to rationalize them, excuse them, or ignore them. And I was not very successful. I knew I was not fully in my power. I knew I was not being truthful with myself and others. I knew things had to change.

Eventually, with lots of honest reflection, trial and error, failures and successes I began to align my true soul essence with life. I became true to ME. My thoughts, my feelings, my actions, my words began to reflect the desires and authenticity of my soulful awareness. My Being was an expression of my soul.

file621250696198I began to develop a trust. A trust to believe in myself and my creative juices. I began to create my dreams into a reality. I made lists of things, ways, ideas, conversations and offerings that I wanted in my life and I spent time, diligently each day, to create this life. I still have many things on my list, but I discovered that working on this list, my HOT LIST, helped me to remain true to me. And so it goes onward. Some days easier than others and sometimes there is a pause. But not being true to myself was like wearing clothes that no longer fit. Once I found this authentic truth, I simply did not want to be any other way with myself. My soul was too glorious and beautiful to ignore.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade