What Inspires You?

file0001340135876Have you asked yourself this question lately? Do you know? It is important to know the answer. It is important to honor the answer and celebrate it in your life. What inspires you feeds your passion. What inspires you awakens your soul. What inspires you challenges you to grow. We often let our self judgement or our fear keep us from creating from our inspiration. We think things have to be perfect, the best, final, or complete. Inspiration grows within us as we evolve in the process of its unfolding. Helen Keller once stated, "Life is either a grand adventure or nothing." That is how to approach the wonder found in your inspiration. Let it fuel your grand adventure!

If your inspiration is singing, don't wait until you "think" you are the best at singing, share your song file1611243625932with others and share your inspiration. If your creative fire is part of your inspiration, allow your art to be shared and see how it moves others. If your time in Nature inspires you, then be sure to make regular time to be out in it in your life, not only when there is time.

How often have you allowed fear or criticism stop you from doing something that you are inspired to do? When we allow this to happen it stops us in our tracks of experiencing our grand adventure. Our inspiration is a potent force that runs through us. Grab a hold and enjoy the ride!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade