I remember as a child being told, "Don't get your hopes up." It immediately deflated my balloon of hope and file4401234402329all its possibilities that I had floating about me. It immediately told me that life was bound to be filled with disappointments. This statement told me that I should not aim too high in any of my dreams as it was likely not to happen. This statement and others that were similar were often shared with me as I grew by many different adults in my life; parents, teachers, coaches and more. Statements like, "In the real world things like that don't happen" or "You are getting too old to think like that" or "Well, I used to believe that too until I wised up." After a while I stopped looking to life to bring me good things, magic or wonder. I have since learned that my thoughts are very powerful. They are so powerful that they create my reality. I was not willing to accept that my life did not hold miracles, that my life had to be mundane, that my hope was part of my powerful tool collection that I brought to my day.

I bring my hope to the day. Hope adds fuel to my actions, delight to my efforts and it buoys me through my struggles. It reminds me to believe in the miracles and to look for them. It shows me the path of my dreams. It is something I offer to those in my life as a bright burning star to shine on their actions and thoughts.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHope is a brilliant light that can serve as a beacon in our dark days. It shares a light onto the places where we feel stuck and shows us where to find the flow. It wakes parts of us that want to turn away and bury under the blanket of life when we feel overwhelmed, undone, or simply tired. Hope allows us to lean back into Her arms and reminds us of all the times she has helped us through.

My story is not one of disappointment or mundane. My story is full! It is packed with wonder, beauty, dreams, possibilities, growth, and gifts. There are parts of the story that have struggle, challenge or pause and hope is the light I look for to empower me to move to the next moment of the day.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade