A Night With My Soul

My Soul gently nudges me. I have been awake for about an hour, unable to sleep, listening to the rain outside my file000441757195window, journeying and checking in with my spirit guides and allies, returning to the softness of my bed and the gentle snoring of my husband and sleep seems on pause. So when the nudge comes, I check in. Yes, I know you well, dear Soul, as you have gently held me during this journey. Coaxing me through the learning, celebrating my triumphs and waiting for me as I paused. So what do you have in your tender cupped hands for me tonight? I close my eyes and allow the sharing to begin. Familiar with our conversations I know the gifts await. Slowly in a gently swirling of colors I begin to see the images my Soul wants to share. Behind my closed eyes I see myself in joy! Scene after scene appears before me of moments of joy, celebration, happiness shared with family, friends, clients and peers. I see the energy of my soul dancing with me. The smile spreads across my face and my heart breaks open.

Then new scenes appear. Moments of hard work, times of being alone and carrying on, scenes of struggles and breakthroughs. I see on my face the determination, the commitment and the intention. I see the energy held within my body as I move forward in these moments. I see the essence of my soul supporting me. As I view these scenes I feel my breathing ease and my mind find peace.

Slowly my Soul whispers to me, "I am there with you through it all. I do not leave your side. You have taken on the challenges of this lifetime, you show up, you honor, you falter, you learn, and you celebrate. You are here because you are meant to be and you know this. You bring your heart, you bring your strong intentions, you create with flexibility and you embrace the lessons that come from it all. And I am with you through it all."

file0002014639410And so this gentle nudge becomes and understanding. It unfolds into a beautiful holding of what is and what may become to be. It slowly turns from what was and gracefully honors what was given in those moments to carry forward into today. My Soul and I are ready to create, to love, to live and to learn. And now I am ready to rest into a deep and comforting sleep.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade