Sacred Idleness

file0001464950673(1)There was judgment in the passing comment, "Wow, three whole weeks of vacation time! I could never pull that off, my commitments in life, my responsibilities and my free time would not let me." It was stated in a brief conversation with a friend who asked how my summer was and I shared how beautiful the time spent with family and friends camping on Cape Cod for three weeks was. I heard her words, felt her energy and let it roll off of me...after all it obviously is part of her story, not mine. But it did get me to wondering. We value work so much in our world. Hard work especially! Sacrifice is applauded when it is related to these diligent efforts. And while, often, there is hard work required for some of our achievements and struggles in life, I am so happy I have learned that sacred idleness is equally valuable and worthy of our recognition, appreciation and respect.

Are we so addicted to being productive that we feel guilt if we take time to pause? Do we judge others for honoring this aspect of Being? It is that whole dangerous minefield of compare and contrast that we sometimes travel through. How to avoid this? What is right your you may not be right for me, but I celebrate you decision.

My sacred idleness restores balance, it rests my body and mind, it refuels my soul and it creates a peaceful file0001146512556presence that is much needed for the work I do when I am in that intention and focus. It is part of the needed flow of energies to keep me in integrity, to live life fully and to be in service. I celebrate sacred idleness in others. I see the delight in their eyes as they share about a walk in the park or a morning spent sprawling in bed under the warm blankets and listening to the wind outside the window, or taking a long walk at the waters edge listening to the gulls and watching the waves roll in and out. I see their body language express the wondrous balance that is restored during this important pause.

I will not neglect my sacred idleness. To me it is as important as fueling my body with clean foods, connecting with Source on a daily basis and being love throughout my day. I only can wish this for my friend, may she discover her sacred idleness can serve her well and not be a "someday" on her calendar. Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade