Your Power Song

file0001203965(1)Sitting in the early morning silence, watching the sunrise slowly fill the sky with sorbet colors, hearing the world awaken as the birds sing the morning into being, my soul breathes forth its power song. Sometimes it is a slow lulling rhythmic chant that begins deep within my belly and works its way up to cascade out and joins in the morning symphony. Sometimes it is a light and lyrical combination of tones and words of gratitude. And there are the times it is a gentle humming that carries me through the day, bringing connection to my body and my soul. The shaman learns to work beyond the comfort of the ego. Ego is what will judge your abilities, your talents and skills. This is not about a talent contest. A power song is about connection of your soul and the Universe. It is about celebrating with the world around you. It is about tapping into energies to bring to your day. It can be about releasing as well.

As you open ourselves up to your power song you find the energetic vibrations moving through us. You find a connection with a life force and your soul resonates. As you bring your sacred breath to your power song you find these energies moving within and through you. You feel yourself become lighter, more power-filled, vibrant and soul connected. You learn that this can become a potent tool for your sacred path.

Traditionally, shamans have used power songs and other forms of this creative force, such as power dance, to invite and connect to their spirit guides and allies. Often used in healing and soul retrievals it is one aspect of shamanism that helps bridge the worlds. It is mighty energy!

Many people find their power song by connecting with Nature. It is there, while alone, held in the gentle file000501152693(1)embrace of the Mother that we find our safety and our creativity. We find ourselves connecting with the beauty that surrounds us and an energetic flow begins. Others find their power song while visiting their sacred place, whether it be a temple, an altar or a sanctuary. Regardless of where you access your power song, know that it is there within you, waiting for you to embrace and embody it.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade