If In Role, I Embrace This One

We all have roles we hold in our world. Some we embrace and others we are striving to walk away from. So file000567791886what has got me all juiced up? What has me rising each day ready to garb myself with its potent attributes and bring them forward into my day, my practice and my community? It is a role that I celebrate in you and in others in my life. The role of a Thought Leader. How do you know you are stepping out as a Thought Leader? There are some specific signs and indicators. You realize that since the day you were born you have been experiencing opportunities to practice for this role. There have been no life events that did not help you expand into it.

You find your path crossing with amazing mentors who are also Thought Leaders. They come along to model and guide you, to support you and to challenge you. Their lessons and gifts boost your comfort in this role more and more each day! You find yourself having conversations that feed your soul.

You are passionate about your work, your calling, your service to others. When you are in your groove it feels as though the Universe is rolling out the red carpet for you and making sure you have a venue, an audience and opportunities to share and create. You feel timeless and are filled with gratitude. You are motivated and feel the energies moving through you.

You are willing to take risks and embrace your failures as you know that these are the places where many of the biggest lessons unfold! Greatness is to be found here! As much as you love a successful endeavor and an open door, you do not fault yourself for the times things just did not take off or the door remained closed. If you have moved off course you trust your guides, intuition, and your gut to guide you back. You have learned to work with these important tools. You have learned to take away the gems and move onward.

file0001644205233(1)These are just a few of the characteristics of a Thought Leader. It is a role that more and more will step into as our present bridges with our future. We are embarking on a time that requires this forward thinking to be married with forward actions. The roles of the visionary and healer of the past, while important and valuable for their time are shifting. There is a new way that the leaders, the healers, the shaman, the mystics, the teachers, the visionaries, and the thinkers are taking. Join us if you feel the call of this role. It may be the best of this lifetime, if not the most impacting.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade