I Took The Time

We often forget that time is quickly passing. We fill our days with so many tasks and obligations. We meet deadlines, schedule appointments, work around meetings, calendars and more. The sun rises and sets around our scheduled time. And we forget to take time for us...time to be, to pause, to rest, to wonder. DSC_0026For most of the month of August I took the time; a three week camping trip with family and friends. Within this time there was rest as I lay on the sandy beaches listening to the waves rush up to greet me. I took the time to sit beneath the blanket of stars and call out to my guides and allies, sharing their essence and energies as they danced within my soul. I took the time to play with family and friends; laughter rolling from our bellies and stories building within the memories we were creating for our future delight. I took the time to hold my husband's hand as we walked on shaded paths with sunlight showering through the leaves above, listening to our footsteps climbing life's path together. I took the time to allow Nature to hold me; tenderly and gently She nurtured me back to strength, to fullness and to awareness. I took the time to be with my body as she relaxed and unfolded from the confines of schedule and demands; the most pressing appointment of the day being when and where to adventure today.

Oh the benefits of taking the time. It was handed to me not on a silver platter. It took organized intentional planning to create the space for it. It took compromise of my work, my commitments and my calendar. But within this negotiation I found the need and the waiting benefits and so I took the time.

Taking time for my body, mind and soul created more than one would imagine. It brought to my life abundance. It generated energies that were beginning to wane. It offered peace to replace the noise. It fed my soul with delectable nourishment that will sustain it in the weeks to come. It helped bridge relationships that had drifted. It connected spaces within that had been wedged apart.

We need to remember time is constantly moving forward. We need to be a part of that. We need to not let DSC_0063our obligations keep us from moving onward into the beauty and abundance that life holds for us. We need to make sure that with all of our time management we take time for our Self!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade