The Sounds of Life

file0001382577697There are times when I seek silence. My soul needs quiet time. My heart wants to beat to a slower more gentle rhythm. My body seeks to be still. I find great strength in these moments and these types of days. I am able to within this stillness find a resource that is often buried in the noise and motion of the day. Sometimes the vibrancy of life adds so much to the layers of my expansion that I cannot always find the chord of connection. But then there are those times that the life I am living is big, large and vibrant! My life becomes full and alive with color, sounds and relationships. My body responds with a vigor and a force that reaches into the depths of my soul and pulls up, like the harvest of rich ripe root vegetables, gems and gifts to nourish me. A recent quote I have been introduced to has sent me reeling and whirling among the beautiful essence of life.

“Once, when you thought no one was looking, I saw you open your heart so wide that the earth fell in. Once, when you thought no one was listening, I heard you sigh so deep that the oceans roared with support. Once, when you thought no one was around, every atom in this universe rushed forward to embrace you. Again. Thank you for existing so intensely.” -Sera Beak

And so life is from time to time, like a chasm so large and deep that my soul grows to enormous proportions. file1471251983766Sometimes it is so full that I cannot hold it all in my cupped hands. Sometimes it is so loud that the beating of my heart cannot drown out the glorious musical crescendo it creates for me. Sometimes the Universe offers me gifts so brilliant that I cannot even begin to express how moved I am. And all I can do is live this life as intensely as I can until the next time I need to find myself in the silence.

Blessings ~ Lisa

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