Senses of Life

How do you show up with your senses each day? These are tools for you to use to be fully present in each momentfile0001591195905 of the day? When we are fully awake with our senses, bringing them to all the delights that life showers upon us, bringing them to all the experiences we are meant to live through and hold, then we are fully alive and in union with all that is sacred. The following quote inspires this within me each time I read it. “May you be peaceful and joyful and recognize that your senses are sacred thresholds.

May you realize that holiness is mindful, gazing, feeling, hearing, and touching.

May your senses gather you and bring you home.

May your senses always enable you to celebrate the universe and the mystery and possibilities in your presence here…”

-“A Blessing For The Senses” by John O’Donohue, Excerpted from Anam Cara

We have access to so many valuable gifts and lessons, but we have to be open to receiving them. We have to be willing to be vulnerable, intention filled and willing. Being vulnerable means we do not worry about what others are thinking or saying about us. It means being soft enough to experience pain, pliable enough to change and exposed enough to allow all the life we are meant to experience greet us. Many times we close ourselves off from it, we run in fear of it, and we resist and we distance ourselves from exactly what we are meant to have in our day so we can become more fully our brilliant self!

We have to be aware of our intentions too. Blindly going in and out of our days, unable to differentiate one from the next means we are not in alignment with our intentions. It means we may have lost focus. When we set intentions for our life, we heed our calling and we seek connection to Source. We long to move onward and experience our life fully.

file0001453400651When we are willing, we tend to be present and in the moment. Living in the past or fretting about tomorrow keeps us from being in a place of willingness. Instead it keeps us stuck and so we miss the golden opportunities, the chance meetings, the abundance that is waiting for us. Take notice the next time you are having a particularly good day. I will bet you are in a place of openness … your heart and soul willing to experience the moments.

When we bring these parts of who we can be to the day our senses become alive with wonder. We find beauty in everything. We are able to feel and remain whole and intact. We evolve more and more into the amazing union of our physical and spiritual self.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade