Presence and Awareness

As a shaman and a spiritual life coach I work with so many people with many diverse needs. The variety of file000324750683reasons that I am contacted for support, healing, connecting and more are as assorted and amazing as the stars in the sky. Some of these reasons are more extensive than others, but regardless my approach remains the same. I work with all the people who contact me with complete awareness. That way my entire being is available. I leave behind me my worries or concerns, my baggage or stresses and come as “clean” as I can to the moment. This allows me to bring truth to the moment. It allows me to respond with love and understanding, compassion and wisdom and it allows me to see with clarity what is at hand.

Being present, I bring an open heart and I feel fully grounded with my authentic self and my essence. My energy of my soul is able to flow freely. My thoughts are not cluttered and my heart responds so that it can meet with the beauty and perfection of the person before me.

There is a silence and a wholeness within me when I arrive to this place. I have no judgments or opinions. I am able to be open to the guidance that enters the equation, to see the unfolding of what is being shared, and to hear the story with ears that pick up nuances that have perhaps been guarded for years.

This presence creates a catalyst for healing. It moves around ego and directly to the soul and witnesses the needs. It is an expansion of consciousness that allows a bridge to be made from the need and crisis across to the wholeness and healing.

file0001140496288Awareness allows the presence of my being and of my soul to bring a quality to the relationship that is needed for this process of connection and for the healing to begin. When I am fully authentic, when I act in presence and awareness, it also gives nourishment to the inner being of the people around me.

Presence allows me to see a client’s situation in a light without judgment. I see it in a light of possibilities. I see and understand that the person is exactly where they need to be to take the next step in their spiritual development. It is about lighting the light in the inner being of another person so that they can accept, release, embrace or move forward…to whatever the next step may be.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade