Your Sacred Right

file0001274518692There is so much talk about rights these days. We all have certain rights. Some from our government, some from our memberships, and some from our sacred connection! We have the right to honor and celebrate fully our sacred purpose and our soul’s call! Is that a right you have focused your attention on lately? What does honoring and celebrating this right mean? What does it require of us? Where do we begin? I think it takes intention of living in the present and stepping fully into the faith that everything you are and are experiencing is meant to be and is a part of the sacredness of your life. That does not mean you don’t take action to make change. That does not mean you wimp out when you are not happy with what is occurring in your life. It means though that there is a reason for it. Perhaps it is for us to learn from, or for someone else to take part in, but there is a reason for us to at least be open to.

I also believe it means that we have the courage to live our life fully. It means accepting the call of our soul to shine brightly and to step out of our comfort zone and try new things, embrace new opportunities, experience all possibilities that resonate with us. This requires some leaps of fate and insight into following our inner wisdom. It is an acceptance that we have been gifted this life for a reason and we have something to offer and bring to it!

How do you honor your sacred purpose? Do you shy away from it when others give attention to it? Do you keepfile0001091771377 yourself small in order to feel safe? Do you self critique to the point of self-doubt and disbelief. Then maybe it is time to shake things up. Try one small act a day of honoring and celebrating your sacred purpose. Then when that becomes more comfortable, build upon that. Keep it going until it feels natural and wonderfully fulfilling! Your soul will shine, others in your life will be blessed and you will feel whole and bright and alive. It is your sacred right, after all!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade