The Power Within Our Thoughts

file441340430898Oh the power of our thoughts! Not only do they set the tone for our day, but they impact hugely those around us. We know what it is like when we are in a funk, a negative or pessimistic place. Those around us pick up on that energy and have to be aware of it in order to now be drawn into it. So is the reverse of this. "When we wake up to the fact that our thoughts touch the people we are thinking about, we are again asked to choose which thoughts we send out. If we send out the thoughts of the heart, we can heal, even if the person who needs healing is far away." – Robert Moss, from the teachings of Island Woman in Dreamways of the Iroquois.

The above quote is from one of my favorite books. I love the concept of our thoughts holding healing energies within them. As you can see, if our negative thoughts have impact then the reverse must be so for the balance that life creates. The balance is that our positive thoughts can impact those around us. Weighing this gives me pause. I have great power in my thoughts. I can impact those around me simply by intentionally selecting the direction of my thoughts.

Selectively choosing positive thoughts filled with love is not always easy. Our egos get hurt, people’s actions impact our day, and sometimes words sting when said to us from a place of hurtful intention. We are human after all. But that said, if we can get ourselves to rise above this place of egoic struggle. If we can find the soft spot of love in our heart and remember we are spiritual beings, then we can alter the path of our thoughts.

I sometimes have to remind myself that I will spend energy daily carrying the relationships I am in. I can carry negative energy, work hard at the effort it requires of me and not feel very positive, happy or well. Or I can spend energy daily carrying the relationships I am in with positive energy, I may still be working hard, but at least I feel positive, I feel connected to source and I feel love. It is in the choice. It is not easy to let go of hurt. It takes intention and effort, but the result is so much better for me and then for others. I want to believe I am in service to the good of the whole. I strive daily to keep balance and optimism in my heart. So even on those days when the struggle is more taxing than others, I can be reminded that there is a choice I can make.

To be apart of the energetic healing of the world is important to me. More important than stroking my file0001060409764wounds, or seeking the opportunity to prove I am in the right. My thoughts, when tended to with intention can heal the wrongs done to me and then in my healthy heart I can send love and positive energies to others in my life. Holistic spiritual health in the making!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade