The Power of Words

file000594744442Oh the power of our words. We all have experienced a time when listening to someone share an uplifting and positive speech makes us feel powerful and filled with hope. Or we have shared times when a compliment carries us throughout the day. On the flip side, we also know how difficult it can be to shake off someone’s negativity when they share it with us. Or how sometimes watching the news or reading the newspaper leaves us feeling despondent and at a loss. Words are a very powerful tool. When we fully understand how to use them, they can propel us forward in ways we never imagined. Choosing your words carefully will alter the views others have of you and will, even more importantly, impact what you believe about yourself and your abilities. In the beginning it may be challenging as our speech patterns are sometimes difficult to change. But once you are aware and begin to place some focus on the message and meaning that is leaving your lips or the thoughts that are traveling through your mind…the change becomes clear.

So where to begin? Start with some basic statements that we make daily. Every time you begin a statement with the words “I am” pay close attention to what follows. Word selection matters in how we are perceived and how we see ourselves. Try choosing only positive endings to this statement. It creates who you are and how others may respond to you. So, even when you are stating something that you feel is a bit of a stretch, state it and raise the expectation for your higher self!

Another place to put focus on the word choice that you make is when you are saying the word “never”. For example, “I could never”…. Are you really interested in putting a stamp of disbelief on something that could become a possibility and now you have labeled it as an impossibility? Instead of “I could never or will never write a book, fall in love, get that job…” why not, “I am planning to someday write a book, I know the day will come where I will find love, I am qualified to get that job.” You get the picture.

Try not to make self-limiting remarks, try to make positive statements. If you bring your focus to this youfile0001685489042 will begin to notice others will respond to you differently and your self-beliefs will become powerful, optimistic and possibilities will begin to present themselves. Your eyes will now be looking toward them, instead of away!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade