The Balance of Give and Take

To support or come to the assistance of someone is a huge honor. It is an opportunity to gift and share ourIMG_0595 sacred purpose, our heart and our soul’s wisdom. We share this time, this realm with many and we cross in and out of each other’s lives for many different reasons. If one day I reach out to you for support, my heart is in a place of trust, my soul is seeking to have its needs met and my spirit welcomes the gift of you. When you reach out to me for support, I am given the opportunity to step up, to shine my inner light, to share my compassion and to possibly inspire, lend hope, or bring relief. I am honored in the gift you are affording me, to be of service to you, to be of service to spirit and to share this energy to the universe.

When we keep ourselves from receiving help, whom are we serving? What energies are we keeping from being shared? What gifts are we bogging down? What message are we sending to our soul? Why is it so hard for many to be recipients of others aid or care? For some we think it is a sign of weakness. I view this so differently.

file000417129376When someone is willing to be a receiver, they are being so strong. They are showing great wisdom. They are empowering others. Perhaps the opportunities that are being presented to us are doors to further possibilities. Being present and in the moment helps to keep a balance between our giving and our receiving.

Finding ways to be present, allow others to share their gifts with you and acknowledge that you are in a place of peace and grace as the receiver. Recognize the times that you can offer your help and are able to share the abilities you have honed over time, gained insight with and been blessed with. Imagine if we all became more and more comfortable with this dance of give and take, imagine if we were able to be so present with it that the balance was complete, imagine how different our needs and our offerings would become.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade