There Is A Time

I recently stumbled upon this quote from Robert Moss that I immediately copied into my shamanic journal to reflect upon. It so resonates with me. And so today I share it and my thoughts with you. file0001198459136“I am intrigued by the notion that there is a time for everything, including certain dreams. It may be like this in our larger life plans. We bring into the body, in this life experience, only as much as we can handle from the greater universe we belonged to, on the level of consciousness, before physical birth. To reclaim more of that soul knowledge, and bring through more of our dreams, we must grow our understanding and practice staying grounded in this world while carrying the secrets of the world-behind-the-world.” ~ Robert Moss

This inspires within me the possibilities that the manifestation of one’s dreams can become reality, that hopes may not be too large or thoughts too grand. Imagination can be actualized! Our soul knows the extent, if there even is any, of the range of these possibilities.

There is also a lovely sense of trust within these words. Trusting that we are not given more than we can handle to endure or to enjoy! To make the choice of more, we need to actively practice our grounding and growth principles. We need to be intentionally involved in the creation of the additional opportunities and possibilities.

Our soul is eager to grow, to expand, to reach higher and spread wider in our discoveries and our offerings.file000285709528 Our soul is ready, when its needs are well tended to, to become fuller, more vibrant and invested in our passions and our wonders. It shines brighter in our words, it reaches further in our actions and it blazes even more brilliantly within our hearts. And all that we need to do to make sure this is possible is to be diligent with our intention, to bring integrity to our efforts and to be open to all the secrets. It is a right bestowed upon our soulful being and us. It is with our greatness that we step into this greatness and that is inspiring beyond words!

Blessings ~ Lisa

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