Self Appreciation

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen was the last time you took a moment to gaze at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge how far you have come? You have walked your path with the best of intentions. You have learned from life’s lessons and tried to apply this to your path. You are a beautiful and compassionate soul worthy of this praise and recognition. Waiting to receive it from others is not good for your soul. You need to take the time to reflect on your personal courage, your stamina, your desire to keep going even when you have faltered or fallen. You need to have appreciation of your inner spirit that walks the path with you, shedding light to the darkness, opening those locked doors, bringing you hope when you thought you hit bottom and recognizing those who cross your path and are there to dance with you.

You can step up and be your own champion! You can take that leap and applaud yourself! You can celebrate the many gifts you bring to this world! You can recognize your worthiness! And you should!

Take a few moments each day to appreciate who you are, who you are becoming and from where you have come.file000242957228 You are a beautiful evolution of a human being! Your spirit is an important contributor to this world. The universe has greatness in store for you and is eager for you to embrace it all.

There is no reason to wait for others to recognize your greatness. There is no need to be humble with yourself in this moment. Be big, be proud, be the amazing and brilliant soul that you are and be open to the possibilities that are waiting for you! You are worth this reflection of self-appreciation!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade