Life Will Never Be The Same

file7871262953258I am an avid reader and often re-read books because I find that as I move through my path, my soul picks up nuances, messages and lessons that I missed in previous reads…perhaps they were not pertinent at the time or I was simply not ready for them yet. This happened quite recently while I re-read Robert Moss’s book Dreamways of the Iroquois. A particular quote jumped out at me. "To live strong, we need a vital and working connection with the animal guardians. This should be an energy connection, not simply a matter of personal symbolism. We need to be able to borrow the senses and skills of the animal powers in order to track, establish psychic boundaries, and heal. One of the fastest ways I know to restore vitality, to improve the immune system, and to move beyond lethargy or depression is to bring through the animal spirits." How true this has become for me. In my shamanic practice I have developed very strong relationships with my animal guides. They have taught me much. I regularly reflect on the lessons that they have brought into my life. I appreciate the ways in which they inspire, encourage and educate me as I travel through this lifetime. Messages come through the realms and feed my soul. Reminders are often made of how I could shift my perspective, embrace this reality and take a different course of action. Possibilities are explored in their company and revelations are many.

I feel their presence as I move throughout my day and sometimes get a glimpse of their essence as I weighfile000502030180 decisions and ponder moments that have created pause. There was a time when I only encountered their presence while in sacred space and specific intent, but now they are so much a part of me that I often find myself reflecting on our last time together, the last message relayed, the most recent exchange or journey, much as I do with my interactions with family and friends. Life has become fuller for them. I have become so much more multidimensional in all ways of body, mind and spirit because of them. A walk in the woods now is a magical meandering with abundance of experiences. Relationships are deeper than ever before. Understanding of who, what and why have a distinction I never imagined. Answers hold many layers now. Possibilities have become endless and as Moss states above, restoration of vitality comes from them daily.

The shamanic relationship with their guides is almost inexplicable as it goes to a level that most humans dare not go or rarely have the opportunity to. But if you are fortunate enough to have crossed the bridge to the realm of your guides…life will never be the same.

Blessings ~ Lisa

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