Our Path

There is a beautiful gift waiting for us each day in the cupped hands of the Universe. We are given time andfile8151236419134 time again to get back on the path when we falter, lose our way or veer off. It comes sometimes in a gentle reminder in a friends words, in the kindness of a stranger or in an opportunity to give to someone. There are many paths in life, some more challenging than others. Yet we are given choices along the way to be part of the creative energies that we bring to our path. And the path can be shared at times with others; being each others teachers and mirrors.

Regardless of the lesson we are in the midst of learning, the path will wait for our soul to arrive. We come as ready as we can be and then through the various twists and turns we find our way. For some, they feel there is an end to the path, as though our personal journey is a race. But a race against what or whom? Comparison of our path to another’s is pointless as we are all uniquely blessed with our individual gifts and attributes. To think that speed has any role on one’s journey is ridiculous as life’s possibilities are timeless and the cyclical nature of the unfolding of our journey allows us many opportunities to understand and experience again and again.

Steps__Halton_Castle__Runcorn__Cheshire_1984Even of those times we have completely fallen off our path, it remains there waiting for our return, in whatever condition we return in. It is a constant that we can rely on. Knowing that relieves us of the unnecessary pressure we place on ourselves to be perfect, to be right, to be the best, to be the most…all we need to do is BE. Being present, showing up and bringing some intention takes us quite far on our path. Releasing the pressures of all the should's, have to's and must's, clears our path for joy and pleasure, for peace and grace.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade