The Truth of Thankfulness

file9751272655027(2)Giving thanks is often a focus around the holiday season. The gathering of family and friends brings it to the forefront of our thoughts and in our hearts. When we hear of tragedy across the globe we often give thanks for all the blessings we have in our life. When we have faced a challenge and come through it successfully, we are thankful. And so on it goes. Yet, our ancestors would tell us quite plainly that we need to give thanks daily, for every step we are given on our path. We are to be thankful for each person who we meet. We are to be thankful for each lesson life gives us, for each opportunity to be of service, for every small act and connection we are part of, for our everyday life; thankful.

We are immersed in powers that support our lives. Some call it the love of God, others call it Spirit, others the energies of the Universe…but in times of thanks, all that matters is that we recognize we are part of a whole and for this our gratitude rises within us. We often forget our connection to each other, to community, to family and friends. And even more to be thankful for are the connections to complete strangers that bless us as well.

No random act of kindness should go unnoticed. No simple smile should not be mirrored back. No request for hope or compassion should go unheard. Random acts of kindness are prominent at this time of year and in response to life events around the world. It does our world so much good to express our gratitude for each other, to reach out in kindness and support and to be a part of the global community with awareness and integrity.

Our thankfulness is prayer in action, our gratitude restores some of the balance in life. Our connection to file000739935116each other creates bonds that may never be broken. And the world becomes a better place.

Blessings ~ Lisa ©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade