Simple Gifts

Today I seek simplicity. Today I seek gentleness. Today I will wade into soft embraces of family and friends.file000118296555 I will relish easy positive conversations. I shall create ease and beauty throughout the day in act, thought and word. Life has been complicated with feelings, thoughts, and the inexplicable. Pain and shock has been present, stressors and stumblings have woven into the days, and health has been challenged as well. It is time for a pause; a much needed, well deserved and fully embraced pause.

Being of service to others is a calling that is never taken lightly. But just as with many responsibilities, the better I tend to my needs and balance, the better I can provide to the requests of my services, my time and my energies. I can feel the batteries running low. I can feel the inner light dimming. I know what I need to do and there aren’t any excuses to warrant my not.

Join me today, tomorrow or this weekend, but join me. Make time for you to rest, to pause and to regroup yourself and your energies. It is important we tend to our needs in this way. It is an act that we cannot delegate. We cannot ask for anyone to even share the task with us. It is fully our own doing to do nothing! And it is not easy, I know that. BUT if you don’t, are you willing to pay the price it will eventually cost you? The crash and burn will arrive at your doorstep. The demands will take their toll. You are too wise to think you can really get away with it. You have been here before!

file000138289502So I welcome you to this gift to self! Take your time unwrapping it. Savor all its beautiful nuances. Drench yourself in the refreshment of it. Take a long sip of its cleansing tonic and allow your body, mind and spirit to do nothing but receive.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade