Celebrating Life

SONY DSCToday is Monday, just a few days since the tragedy that happened at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School. A few days that felt like a lifetime. I live beside this grieving and suffering community. Our hearts will heal, our lives will go on and our memories will always hold the sweetness and bravery and kindness of the victims, the community and the nation. But today I am choosing to celebrate life. I have to move into that place of energy and view it as my best choice in honoring those who lost their lives on that horrible day. For those of us not intimately affected by this shooting the best we can offer is our love and honor. Celebrating life will be good for us, for our families and especially for our children. They are looking to us for understanding, which there really is none of. They are looking to us to gage how to move forward and somehow we must find a glimmer of honoring the celebration of life, as difficult and impossible as that may feel.

Finding ways to incorporate our traditions and family rituals into these days of sadness will be ever so important to us and to our healing. We need to gently find a way to bring a glimmer of joy to someone’s life, a ray of hope, a smile and hug, and we will then help in the spreading of the love that will be integral in the healing. Parties, perhaps not, but intimate gatherings of family and friends, cherishing the gift of each other, celebrating the delight in our relationships…this is what I mean by celebrating life.

We cannot stop living the lives we have been gifted with. We cannot stop celebrating the friends and families who grace our path. We cannot do this because it will only dim the bright light of those innocent victims who lived beautiful lives and celebrated family and friends. Lit candles and other memorials line the streets in Newtown. All these are beautiful sentiments and prayers being sent out to the hearts of those who are grieving. Today I am sending the light in my heart to those around me. Today I am sharing gentle joy with those I love. Today I am trying to restore balance to the energies that flow through me, knowing that my heart is big enough to hold both my sadness and my light.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade