Choices During Chaos

Feeling overwhelmed? Does this time of the year create chaos and stress in your life? How do you handle it? How does it impact your enjoyment and your wonder of time spent with family and friends? A wonderful quote helps keep me grounded when I begin to feel overwhelmed. It serves me well. I share it here with you, "Life does not happen to us, it happens from us."-- Mike Wickett. Reflect back on times in your life, perhaps even as far back as your childhood when you experienced overwhelm. How did you handle it? Think back to what occurred to you and envision where your emotions were at? Many times the way we first experience chaos, or the way we have been conflicted with our emotions during a particular stressful time can lead us to think we are not capable enough, maybe we do not have the skills, or that we are not good enough. These become issues we struggle with about our own personal power. When we are in our power overwhelm does not grab a hold of us.

So the next time you feel chaotic emotions, when you feel stressful situations taking hold of you, when you feel swept away by overwhelm, remember this…you have the ability to go inside, ground yourself, claim your power and become in control of your situation. Recognize that how you respond to the situation at hand is how the energies passing through you and around you will be in flow. Focus on releasing the negative and debilitating energies that do not serve you. Pull in the positive and affirming energies that keep you grounded and calm. Look for your inner peace and grace. Focus on the good and on what matters, not what is beyond your control and negative.

Recognize that the choice is yours. When you are in your own power, you are the ruler of your reactions and your emotions. Your choices determine whether you will be a victim of circumstance or allow the stress to pass over you and leave you without impact or disturbance. The next time you feel this scenario try to engage your power, be selective of your choices, and remain calm. You can deflect what does not serve you. You can release what does not pertain to you. You can be in control.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade