Ask me what I am passionate about and I will give you a list of many things. They run the span of eating plant-based organic whole foods and living that lifestyle to hiking and camping. I love keeping healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. I exercise daily. I honor the mind/body/ spirit connection and try to keep sacred that balance. Recently I have had many people coming to me for support as they transition into a healthier lifestyle. It may be that many of my peers are now in their 40s and 50s and health is not taken for granted as much during this phase of life as in the past. It may be that all the discussion and happenings across the globe with our food supply have made people a bit more observant to their relationship with food and their bodies. Whatever the reason, it is wonderful to be in conversation with them about something I care so very much about.

I recently created an online Facebook group that celebrated the connection between our bodies and the messages it sends to us. What an amazing and inspiring group! We have learned so much about our bodies and how to attend to the messages being sent. I also have a group that is designed for support and discussion of a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. Again, a wonderfully inspiring group of people who delight in meeting the needs of their bodies through a plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle.

Inspiration struck and I decided to take it further. I have created a website called and I am offering its members weekly menus and recipes for vegan and vegetarian living. One of the beliefs of people who are unfamiliar with this lifestyle is that all a vegan eats is brown rice and steamed broccoli. Nothing could be further from the truth! I love to cook and over the years have created an abundance of delicious and creative recipes that are easy to make and welcoming to all palates.

Guest who have eaten at my home have said, “If this is what vegan food tastes like and I can make these dishes, then I can be a vegan!” So I took it on. will also offer the latest news and information about organics, healthy lifestyles, celebrities who are vegan, media and book reviews and a weekly blog post as well. It will be a one-stop site for your vegan needs! Membership will also have the most fun and often necessary ingredient: support and friendly sharing through a private online group.

If you have considered trying a plant based diet, if you would like to see how easy and delicious it can be, if you want to improve your health in a honoring way, if you have someone in your life who would love this as a gift…a monthly membership is only $8. I purposefully kept it very affordable so that anyone can make the commitment. And remember you get 5 dinner recipes, 3 lunch recipes, 2 breakfast and 2 dessert/snack recipes EACH week plus everything mentioned above!

Stop by for a visit at and take a look, maybe this will be a great fit for you as well and a new passion will be introduced into your life!

Blessings ~ Lisa

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