Mindless Behavior

As the busy-ness of the holiday season sets in, many find themselves moving through the day with mindless behavior. Holiday parties present edibles and beverages that we mindlessly indulge in without much thought, other than, what the heck…it is the holidays! For others mindless purchases are made because of the temptation of a sale that is just too good to pass up. Neither of these are horrible things that need anything more than some intentional awareness as we make these choices. It is important to allow the occasional splurge in our life, to celebrate without remorse and to have a few delights as long as we keep our balance. But what of the other mindless behavior that can occur. Often these holiday parties and gatherings bring opportunities for idle gossip and story sharing. This is when intention is most important. Words have very specific energies and we need to realize that what we say and what we share has repercussions whether we witness them or not. And there is that old saying your mother promoted of if you have nothing good to say about someone…say nothing at all! I have had to remove myself from conversations or speak up to end the negative talk that is happening. I figure if I would be uncomfortable standing next to the person about whom the gossip is being shared about then it is a done deal! Easy as that!

Other mindless behavior that often occurs at the time of the year is negative self-talk and comparison. We allow those old broken records of undesirable comments about what we are or are not to play through our thoughts. We give them power to control our actions and our energies. We allow them to weigh us down.

What other mindless behavior creeps into your days during the holidays? How can you create good boundaries and set limits? What new perspective can you bring to the holiday season this year and set a new practice into motion? Create positive change for yourself and watch it ripple out into the festivities for the end of this year the start of the new! What a beautiful gift to bring to your day!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade