Not Just A Dream

Do you dare to dream a big dream for yourself? Are you willing to live large, to take risks, to shine brightly? The only way you can truly get what you want in life is to do these things. Sitting idly by and talking about what you want, but not doing anything to move forward to reach it…well, we all know how that unfolds, don’t we? When I look back on my life and think of all the times I said I wanted this or that to be in my life, the times that these “things” manifested is when I brought myself fully into the equation of creating, when I was fully present, when I was intention filled and willing to explore ALL the possibilities!

We have the capacity to be so, so much more of our most brilliant self on our best day more often than we think we can! In fact we can be in that capacity most of the time. It means tending to our needs though and creating space for this in our life. Tending to our needs? If we do not honor our bodies and our health…what good can we be if we need endurance, strength, and sharp focus. If we do not provide care for our souls…what happens to our pain and our feelings of loss? We bring it to our day’s unfolding energies and we drain the resources we need trying to stay afloat. If we do not nourish our connection to source and live by the principles we believe in…we send our hearts mixed messages of inauthenticity and we doubt ourselves. If we do not live in the present…we miss the gifts and the abundance that the Universe holds out to us, we miss our opportunities to grow or to share and we miss the wonders that fuel us and keep us committed to our desires and our longings.

Dare yourself to BE! Dare yourself to live the life that is intended for you. To be a part of the unfolding of peace, healing, joy, and beauty of this lifetime you need to show up! When you make this change in your life, everything else will begin to change. You will begin to create the life you want. It won’t just be a dream!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade