Inner Champion Celebration

“Honor your inner champion, the one that chooses to confront and work through your obstacles to wholeness, the one that slays the inner dragons with tenderness and persistence. Isn’t it time we soulebrated our courage to take on our patterns time and again? Isn’t it time for an up-framing of our often negative view of our challenges? Instead of “oh no, not that pattern again”, how about recognizing that we are CHAMPIONS for simply taking them on? How about seeing ourselves as some of the first humans with the blessed opportunity to shift the negative patterning intrinsic to the collective unconscious? We are PIONEERS, for God’s sake! What a fantastic thing—to be pioneers in the inner world! Every little step is a radical paradigm shift for humanity.” ~ Jeff Brown Above is a quote that I find so inspiring! Today my thought patterns no longer hold the thought of “Oh well, that is just how it is, or that's just who I am, or that's how it has to be done, or that's what I always say, or just what I do.” Nope, all that has changed! I am a Champion! I have courageously faced and taken on the challenge of renewing myself, switching up my perspective, and asking myself tough questions.

Do I have it mastered? No! I am still a work in progress…but isn’t that what being human is all about? But what I can celebrate and applaud myself for is that fact that I am learning to do things differently. We read the quotes all day and hear others speaking the clichés often. But truly, IF you want things to change about yourself, your life, your future…you DO have to do things differently! The same old you will remain the same unless you venture out and take a risk. It is sometimes difficult and often a bit unnerving, but ever single new step, new view, new dialogue brings us closer to shifting into a new way of being!

I find this so exciting. Every day gives me yet another brilliant opportunity. I don’t bother looking back upon yesterday, mulling over my failures or short comings…instead I look at this moment, this opportunity, this gift of possibility and bring my authentic self to the front of the line and begin! The Universe supports my greatness. Spirit celebrates my inner light. My Soul quickens with every possibility I am willing to explore. And my heart grows with compassion of myself and others as I learn we are all pliable beings attempting to find our form with grace.

Celebrate you champion today! Recognize your ongoing efforts as dedication and commitment. You are worth every moment of acceptance, support, honor and appreciation.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade