Imagine If....

Imagine if today, right in this very moment, you were granted everything you have ever hoped for! Imagine! No waiting for it, no having to see if everything aligns, no having to wait for others to come on board, to have enough money-time-skill-knowledge…Imagine you are ready, the Universe is waiting with arms wide open and you can have it, NOW! What runs through your mind? Do you begin to celebrate, to move forward, to embrace all the possibilities, to live large, to pay it forward, to ripple outward? Does your soul shine even brighter, your heart beat faster, your steps quicken? Or do you begin to fret, to worry about if this is really what you want? Do you start thinking about what ifs and cannots?

Our thoughts create energies around our realities. If we believe in what we want and prepare ourselves for the manifestation of that and learn to trust that as it unfolds it will be the right fit for us…we eliminate many of the worries that people tend to carry around with them in life. We let go of the concern over what we cannot control.

The Universe holds for us the possibilities of everything we can imagine and more. Spirit holds us in radiance and brilliance. Love creates abundance in our lives. Those who achieve their dreams learn early on not to think about what they cannot do. They don’t fret over why it could be impossible. They never pause to worry about what might not happen. That simply puts the brakes on our potential and opportunities. Perspective is everything and intention is the rest.

We often do not believe in our selves as much as others do. We often carry stories around of being less deserving, less talented, not as skilled, even not as lucky as others. Truth is we all have amazing gifts within that go untouched or underused. We get in our own way with our negative thinking and our fear based beliefs. What if that were all to stop and what if whatever may BE actually happens? Get ready, it could! Imagine the possibilities and then allow them!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade