Nature Guides

Out among the blue and silvery sky today I saw two hawks dancing in the air currents. They were in a sort of synchronization with one another, sometimes almost clipping wings and then swaying further apart. I heard their cries to each other as though calling out the next move. Later I watched a squirrel jump from limb to limb in my back yard trees. Perfect balance, no fear in sight, only obvious intention and unique perspective. Higher and higher further and further into the trees they went.

Nature shows us the perfect performance it keeps each day, only focusing on the one moment, the one flight, and the one branch at a time. How much I can learn from these lessons that are created outside my windows.

If I keep my perspective and vision focused on what I have to do in this moment, I keep my anxiety down, I keep my energies concentrated and I move further and deeper along my path. There is no need for the concern that is often brought along, there is no place for the worry of what if, and there is no room for the what is next at all. So I leave it behind.

With some aspects of my life it is easier said than done, but my intention is to get become stronger at this life trait. I continue to turn to nature for Her guidance and demonstration. I know it can be so, if I get out of my own way, if I open myself up to some trust, if I listen closely to my intuition and let Spirit be my guide.

What I have noticed is nature has a way of uncomplicating my life, making things look simple…I just need the patience and the practice to bring the ease and grace into alignment with it. That is what life is for.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade