Enough Is Enough

This quote, author unknown, crossed my path yesterday and got me to thinking…"The feasting is over but the contentment lingers and it's a magnificent thing, isn't it, when enough has been enough?" It has been a delightful several days with many, many family and friends joining us at our home for laughter, feasting, celebration, memory making and laughter. My heart is full. My body has been treated with traditional favorites that delight the palate and the belly. My mind is excited with the stories shared, the possibilities entertained and the hope of tomorrow. And it has been so good.

And yet saying goodbye to the last child as she heads back to school, giving the last hug to the friend as they dash off to the airport, preparing the last of the leftovers and crumbling up the last roll into crumbs for the birds outside has been good too.

I really do think that in the abundance there lies that fine line of when too much of a good thing lends itself to disappointment. But such was not the case for me this year, thankfully. Alignment and gratitude fell in place side by side. But it does give me a thought about honoring the magnificence in enough being enough!

While it is often beyond my control, I certainly can appreciate this factor with the aspects that I have choices over. For example, not needing to eat the last delicious piece of pie…let it be someone else’s, not joining the shopper frenzy out of some odd American tradition that seems to encroach earlier and earlier into the Thanksgiving feasting each year, and not over-staying a welcome by family or friend when enough has been plenty and long enough is exactly that…knowing the next visit will be equally delightful and sweet. If I find the balance within myself, perhaps that will create a fairness in the occurrence of those who have yet to figure out the beauty of this perspective…perhaps! AND if not, there is always the next holiday to give it a go!

Blessings ~ Lisa

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