Not Worth the Worry

Regardless of where we are on our path we can rest assured that we have golden opportunities ahead of us waiting for our arrival. We don’t often think of it that way. It is even harder to have our thoughts go that way when we are feeling stuck or less than. But if we could remember this, then we would have a very different perspective to our learning curve. It also gives us a fresh take on those we meet on our path. It really does not matter who is ahead or behind in practice or knowledge if we believe we are exactly where we are supposed to be at this given time. Instead we can celebrate the fact that we are all being given the opportunity to receive gifts and lessons that are timely, appropriate and hold greatness for our next step on our path.

We live in a society that instills competition and measures progress differently than the way of the soul. The soul does not compete. The soul expands and reduces, as we need it to. It affords us chances to shine brightly or to dim our light and embrace pause. The soul knows nothing of measurement or gauge; it only remains present, in the moment, bringing focus and intent to our expression, engagement, and receptivity. If we can learn to trust and live within that simple truth, the pressure is off.

We wear ourselves out with our thoughts and worries of failure, lack of being enough, competency and more. Our acceptance of what is would allow us to be open to what is unfolding within and around us. Our receptivity would be heightened. Our possibilities would be endless and our growth would be natural and true to whom we are.

We like to believe we are in control of so many things in our lives that we truly are not even close to managing. It gives us satisfaction, surety, confidence and power, but they are all false senses of themselves. When tested by life’s natural unfolding of stressors and challenges, we quickly learn we are not in the driver seat and we become worried, scared or stressed. If we never go to this place of false control, then we perceive our life’s path differently and we move with the flow acting only in the moment and not looking back with concern or forward with trepidation.

Blessings ~ Lisa

© COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade