The Service of Soul Care

Today among the post-Election Day newscasts there is also the coverage of another storm heading our way here on the east coast. My heart goes out to the people who are still suffering from the storm last week. Many still have no electricity or heat. Many have lost their homes all together. It feels overwhelming to think about. Like many others, I have donated food, clothing, household goods and money, all in hope that whatever I have to offer can in some way bring relief to the recipient. But I have also been offering more on a daily basis since the storm began. I have used my calling as a soul care practitioner to call upon the healing energies of the Universe. I place focus on this time calling upon my spiritual guides and seeking ways to bring supportive energies to those in need. I have used my shamanic tools to gather these energies and send them out, much like a prayer, to meet the needs of those receiving them.

Living this way is part of my everyday. I maintain a connection to the sources of my practice so that I can be of service, so that I can bring focused intention and so that I can be open to do what I may be called upon to do. As a soul care practitioner I spend a good deal of my time working in spiritual realms in service to those who need soul retrieval and soul healing. I have spirit guides that help me. I have a community that supports the work I do and shares my connection to the realms of the soul. And I have tools, much like the soul stick I used to gather and send out these collected energies.

There are cultures where soul care is part of every day life. The culture accepts it, honors it and relies on it. In today’s American culture not everyone is aware of the services I offer or understands why they would have a need for them. We are accustomed to seeking medical intervention when our body suffers, but whom do we turn to when it is our soul that is suffering?

There are many ways in which a soul care practitioner can bring relief and healing to their client. Living through a crisis, like Hurricane Sandy, surviving a serious accident, losing a loved one, being fired or laid off from a job, overcoming a serious illness, or going through a split of a relationship are just some of the examples in which soul care may be needed. These events can happen far back in our lifeline, even in childhood, and still we may be suffering from the effects of that life event.

What do some of the symptoms look like when soul care is needed for recovery and healing? Many times one may feel lost, sluggish, alone and disconnected. One may have lapses in memory of significant times in their life. Or one may struggle to break negative patterns and move forward; they feel stuck. These are only some of the more common symptoms of soul suffering. Others can include anxiety of unknown origin, ongoing nightmares, eating issues, body image issues, excessive fears that keep someone from living the life intended for them, feeling stuck in the past, ongoing obsessions and more.

As a soul care practitioner I bring my services to the people of my community and the clients who come to me. Working with a soul care practitioner will provide opportunities for the soul to be healed and pieces that have been lost along the way by any of the ways discussed to be retrieved, much like missing pieces of a puzzle, and so that the soul can function in more complete way. Now the full image of what your life is to be begins to present itself to you and a wholeness is felt and experienced.

Every person responds differently to soul care. For some there is a sense of immediate relief and the client will express a lightening, as though something has been lifted off their shoulders. For others, the response may take some time. Slowly dreams will return, memories will be restored, and an awakening on many of the body’s levels will be experienced.

Soul care can happen either in person or from a far. Because the soul care practitioner works in energy fields and other spiritual realms, the client does not need to be in the shaman’s presence. The realms that the soul care practitioner visits during their work are outside of our day to day.

If you feel you could use the service of a soul care practitioner, contact me. I would be honored to speak with you and offer you support and assistance. Bringing healing and completion to your days is what I am called to service to do. To learn more you can find me at, or I additionally offer my soul care services at a discounted rate on Tuesdays and Thursdays through

Blessings ~ Lisa

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