Change Takes Time

Transformation takes time. Growth usually is gradual. Forward movement happens step by step. It is the natural unfolding of the way things are. Our spiritual growth is no different. We want to rush things, push fast forward, and jump ahead. The truth is we really only should move forward when we are ready. Any action made in that direction that is premature often proves to be costly in some way. Spirit knows this and continues to keep us in step and on our path. It is our ego that wants more than what we are ready for.

Relationships become stronger the longer we are in them and the more we are able to invest in them. Our life experiences add richness and depth to our story. Experience takes time and opportunities to use our gifts and talents. If we attempt to rush any of these then we short-change ourselves and those we are connected to. We run the risk of not learning the fullness that we are meant to. We take the chance of acting on assumptions instead of knowledge. In our haste we create scenarios of possible negative outcome.

To really change and transform our lives and become our most brilliant self it takes time. It is an honor to be in this process. If we view it this way then we are able to appreciate the different levels of the work ahead of us. There is more than one opportunity, more than one big event that will bring us to this transformational place. Living our life authentically means embracing all the lessons, even those we were not looking for, and allowing them to unfold for us. It means being a recipient with integrity of our present moment’s offerings and being with the energies as they instruct us, heal us, awaken and mold us….then we can move forward to the next step of the journey.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade