Walking With Grace

How do you walk your path with grace? Where does this grace come from? I sit with these questions and wait for my inner truth to respond. I am looking for ways to be as gracious as I can, what can I do for my planet, the beings I share this earth with, those who cross my path. My truth speaks up. Grace is not granted to me or poured over me like a radiant shower from a source of Higher Truth. My grace rises up within me with each moment I release my egoic self, with each time I put others before me, with each time that I authentically do an act of service for another and walk away unattached to the outcome. Grace resides in me when I live in the moment. Grace surrounds me when I act only the highest good for the whole of my heart.

Sometimes it is easier to identify when we are not walking our path with grace. I can name those times clearly. When I am feeling irritated with others, I have stepped out of grace. When I am filled with resentment for actions I have done for others and not been recognized, I am lacking grace. When I become anxious or concerned about matters that I have no control over, I have lost sight of my grace.

I know I am human and will be faced with these challenges daily. I know that there will be times when I struggle and falter. I am not expecting perfection. I am looking for ways to check and balance myself though. It helps me to have clarity of what can cause me to become out of alignment. I am a spiritual being existing in a human body and I will flub up. This I know to be the truth. But I cannot plead ignorance when I know better. I cannot unlearn what I know is my truth. Being out of integrity hurts too much and costs my soul's path enormously.

So I measure up to my system of checks and balance. I find where I am a bit shaky. I look in the eye the falsehoods that are clawing at my emotional self. I shut the door to the future shoulds and coulds and live in the present here and now. I ripple out to those in my community and bring my best self to my service. I respect my connection to the many layers of my body, mind and spirit and honor the work that needs to be done to keep me on my path, walking with grace and living with love. For me it is too uncomfortable not to.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade