Day One

The winds and rains of storm Sandy have passed and in her path she has left much flooding and destruction. Here in my town of Monroe, CT we had 100% loss of electricity. Fortunately for my home and family, our damage is limited to the loss of three large trees on our property that came down in the height of the winds. None of these fell on or near our home, but instead in a section of woods in the rear of our property. We are fortunate and blessed. Others are not. My prayers go out to them, to their loss, to their fear, to their sadness…our smallness is so often felt in these times. Our need for community ever more important. This morning we drove a small three mile radius around our home to scope out the damage of our nearest neighbors. There are many trees down, several taking power lines, phone lines and property fences down with them. The streets were littered with leaves and branches. People were out and about surveying their yards and assessing their damage as well. All of us having a look of gratitude on our faces that it was not as bad as imagined or feared.

We have weathered several of these types of storms in the past. We have learned to be as prepared as we can. We pre-storm cooked and baked, we made sure all laundry was done (as it accumulates quickly), cell phones were fully charged and we had flash lights, radios, seven day candles all ready and in one place.

It is now 3:00 in the afternoon of the first day. Reports on the radio tell us to expect several days without power. We are all getting into an established routine that picks up from memory of this situation in the past. All family members who are not here have been accounted for and have reported in that they are safe and sound, some better off with life necessities than others.

Today is Tuesday. School was canceled from yesterday through to Wednesday thus far. Studying for upcoming tests has to happen during the day as it is challenging to do by candlelight. Family games have been pulled out for later when the boredom sets in. Snacks are handy as well.

We learn during these times how to entertain ourselves differently. We learn how to give each other space as needed. We listen to the radio and comment on the DJ’s sarcasm and storm damage updates. Life feels simpler, we feel a bit isolated, but not yet bothered. The reprieve from the life outside storm Sandy is welcomed, at least for today. Tomorrow is another day, and may be only the beginning of several Storm Sandy days ahead.

Blessings ~ Lisa

(We now have power and were only without it for 5 days, not bad considering past storms. AND quite fortunate compared to others along the coast. Counting our blessings and sending our prayers.)

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