The Change in Truth

Someone once told me that change happens when we sit with our truth openly and publicly and universally. If we can live our truth without comparison, shame, judgment or denial, then we can begin to change and grow and evolve. We sometimes hide from our truth. It can be for a wide number of reasons. Some hide from truth because they are afraid of how big they can be. Some run from the truth out of fear of the pain. There are those who judge themselves so harshly that when they begin to step into a puddle of truth they recoil. It is important for us to know ourselves fully. When and how do you cover up or hide from your truth.

Once you have a better understanding of what you do, then you may be able to explore why. Let’s face it, the better we understand our selves, our reactions, our needs and our faltherings…the stronger we then can become. Learning to accept that we are not perfect beings, that we have stories, or that we hold onto fears and pain can only free us in the long run. The acceptance of these facts and the embracing of them as part of our unique qualities is the key to our way of unlocking our authenticity. We do not need to pretend to be someone we are not. We do not need to stuff down feelings. We do not need to be so harsh on ourselves.

It is not easy to be this transparent. It takes time and practice. It means asking tough questions and waiting on the answers. It can also mean having a support person to help you as you uncover your truths. As a spiritual life coach, I spend a good deal of my time with my clients offering this exact kind of support. Everything that the client needs to be their fullest and brightest self is already within them. They just may need support in discovering it and revealing it. They also may need help in becoming comfortable with their truth.

Once this process has begun, it seems to often takes on a force of its own. The truth bubbles to the surface more freely. The heart and mind accept it more willingly. The human in us embodies it more gracefully and our awareness and consideration grow so that we can hold others in their truth more compassionately. Like many things of spirit, the beauty lies in the simplicity of it. We do not need to complicate it. If we learn to just be with it and not try to explain it, resolve it, rate it or whatever else we tend to do…but to just be with it and allow the gentle unfolding occur; that is when our connection to source is at its strongest and the brilliance of our personal truth shines brightly.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade