I often find my courage within my silence. It is often where I do my best work. I tend to go there when I am confused, feeling misunderstood, a bit cautious or even anxious. Courage for me does not present with a roar. It does not leap across my path. It does not soar down and swoop over me. Courage, on my path, is a quiet slow flow of cooling water that soothes my soul. Courage is a gentle flutter of a bird’s wing cooling my heated thoughts. Courage is a soft whisper in my heart from the Universe affirming what action I need to make. Courage is a pause to just be and to breathe and remember who I am.

My inner self has the many twists and turns of my lifetime. It has many doors to rooms of relationships. It has treasure boxes filled with gifts of this lifetime and those of the past. Courage holds my hand as I navigate and travel my inner path. Courage sheds light onto my shadow self so that I can truly see who I am from all sides.

Finding my courage once was a challenge. It was bogged down with falsehoods and masks; those of false arrogance, inadequacies, self-criticism and more. I had to spend time cleaning house. I had to arrange the parts within so that they could be reflected outside. It took time and diligence. It took commitment to self. It took gentleness and awareness. And eventually my courage was revealed. It is a soft and subtle courage. But it serves me well. I can rely on it. I honor it. I appreciate the value of it. It holds my hand and leads me forward even when all other parts of me want to freeze me in my tracks, slam shut my doors and shield my thoughts. Courage holds me tenderly and brings me to the opportunity to grow, to change, to shine and to BE.

Courage is not always the face of fierceness and determination. Courage does not always make itself obviously known. Courage does not need applause and fanfare. Courage needs room to be, space to grow, freedom to share, and time to evolve. I honor this fact about my courage. It serves me well.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade