Opportunities For Change

I think I have always had a soul that asked questions. I like to put the pieces of my life together like a beautiful puzzle and look at how they were unique to me, what they mean in regards to my purpose in life and how I live. My spirituality matches this fact. I have looked at the way Spirit resonates within me. I have released old wounds and patterns. I have embraced traditions, awakenings and lessons. I have shape shifted into who I am today, morphing and merging into what feels comfortable for me, while still allowing room for me to stretch, grow, and rest. Learning to live consciously and in the moment does not mean that life does not stir things up within me like a brisk autumn breeze from time to time; old memories, thoughts and feelings reeling and swirling about. I have learned to be present, not to create story around these questions and theories and with time they settle themselves down, quietly into a stillness that life affords us if we wait for it. I have learned to not need to be reactionary in every moment. Instead peace and calm sit beside me and it is a place that feels true to my soul and supportive to my whole being.

As big as our world feels we are really walking our paths together. When you suffer, I feel it, on some level. When there is war or hardship across the seas, my spirit aches for the unknown and the loss that is resulting from the violence and brutality. I do not pretend that my soul does not pick up on the reverberating energies of suffering that are in the lives of so many. Likewise, I am blessed daily with the celebrations of life, the opportunities of abundance and the goodness that lives in so many hearts.

So how do I bring my spiritual connection out and put it on the table to become effective and powerful? How do I put it to use for the good of all, not just myself? If we are truly all connected, every breath I take, every thought I hold, every blessing I cherish matters.

I cannot sit by, day by day, without leaning in and getting my hands dirty. I cannot help but feel stronger and more whole as I bring all of my self to the day. I bring my conscious living, I call forth healing energies, I send supportive prayers of compassion and kindness, I put action to my words, and I listen closely to what the world needs. I cannot live any other way. If I don’t do this, what is living? If I do not participate fully, what part of me is showing up? If not today…then when?

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade