Speaking Your Truth

How do you speak your truth when someone differs from you? I faced this challenge recently. Let me first begin with this important fact, what I believe is true, what I know is true, right now and here … is my truth, but being a evolving human, I have to leave room for the possibility that it is not the universal truth of my whole being. That said how do you stay open to possibilities while holding on to what you see as your truth? It is a challenge. It is often uncomfortable. We, most of us anyway, do not enjoy conflict or disagreement. We don’t enjoy drawing negative attention to ourselves. And if we are disagreeing with someone who we respect and is respected by others, what does this say about us, to the relationship and the truth? How can we remain present in the moment?

In my recent differing of opinion, I felt as though the facts were not quite correct and I needed to clarify. Even later in my clarification, there was an attachment by the other person to an interpretation that was not authentic to me. I held fast, all the while honoring the fact that I will go back and revisit the moment and see if perhaps I am not viewing things and recalling my feelings and facts accurately.

This does not happen to me often. But when it does, I learn a new lesson every time. People can be wrong. I can be wrong. And that is all it is. No drama or hurt feelings. No power struggle. No resentment. My respect remains the same or even grows. This person has entered my life for many obvious reasons and quite possibly many I am not yet aware of and may never be.

Unfortunately, there are those times when regardless of how authentic and clean you attempt to be, others will not respect your truth. They are not willing to let go of their need to be right. They are in struggle and process for themselves. But there are those times when there is little else to say, no point to be made, no struggle to be had…your truth is just not being respected and in congruence to that, neither are you. You then can choose where to go with this relationship. For me, if there is an ongoing pattern of this lack of respect…I move on. I learn my lesson and remain in integrity, never wishing ill will or holding negative emotions towards this person, but I do remove myself from the drama and toxicity of the relationship.

I will sit with this. I will go deeper with it and ask myself questions that peel back layers for me. It is work I have spent a lifetime doing. I owe it to myself, I owe it to this relationship, I owe it to my future work and I know no other way. I have grown comfortable with this process…even when it is hard or confusing. In the end I receive clarity and insight. And that is hugely important to me.

So, I continue to speak my truth, even in disagreement. I continue to honor the path sharers, teachers, leaders, and wise souls in my life. I continue to ask them to challenge me, to ask me the tough questions and to push me when I need a push. All is well. We are always each other’s teacher. And in this case I am the most fortunate student, I learn and grow, no matter what the outcome!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade