Are You A Sponge?

How do you do when you are around others who are holding negative emotions and waving them around like a flag? Do you become a sponge and quickly pick up those emotions and have them rule your day? Or do you have ways of fending them off? I learned early on that people’s energy can have huge impact on our energy levels and our presence, if we allow it. It is important to be aware of how you respond to other’s emotions, feelings and energies.

The first place that I start is by asking myself some simple questions. Questions like: is this feeling mine or someone else’s and if it is mine what is causing it? If it is not mine, who or what is the source? It could be your angry aunt sitting in the car with you fuming about the traffic. Or it could be the movie you just watched at the theater with a particularly violent scene that you have not yet processed yet.

If it is at all possible try distancing yourself from the source, particularly if it is a person. Try leaving the room, entering a new conversation with a different group of people, or changing your seat. Obviously, you do not want to be offensive, but you certainly can get creative!

Try taking a deep breath and grounding yourself. It actually helps. It provides you with a pause before you react in action or words. It also connects you to your authentic self. I actually do a breathing technique of inhaling in peace and calming energies and exhaling any of the negative energies, whether it be anger, frustration, or judgment. It really helps.

A very powerful way of fending off the negative energies of others is to shield yourself. Do what works for you. For some it is surrounding themselves with a white light, others put themselves within an impenetrable bubble of positive energy, others don a cloak of protection. You want to view this as a buffer between you and the negativity. You have control of this shield and it empowers you and protects you as well.

Being mindful is really the most important part of this. Knowing that you are susceptible to other’s energies and making sure you only take on what you want or need is important. Keeping yourself in check with what is yours and what is others helps you support a healthy balance with the energies that cross your path daily.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade