Checking In With Self

There is a belief among many people that we act as mirrors for one another. Sitting in sacred circle we often find ourselves sitting directly across from someone whom Spirit has placed there for us to witness, honor, celebrate, and reflect upon. What happens to you when you cross paths with someone who "pushes your buttons"? Do you question what is happening and why or do you simply react? This type of situation is an opportunity from Spirit, the gift of a lesson, a chance to look inward and learn more about Self. We are learning to walk through life with intention, recognizing when Spirit is at work in our lives, (when is It not?!) pausing to reflect, to process, and to look within.

As evolving beings of Spirit we have a responsibility to be accountable to our selves. When we have a strong reaction to someone in our life, whether it be negative, positive or simply provoking in some way, we are being gifted with a lesson about Self, about who we are and who we wish to be.

Take the time to look at what this person triggers in you. What is your reaction? Is it an attribute that you personally own as well? Be completely honest. Try to recall times when you have exhibited this attribute and with whom. What were the results? How did you feel about being that way? Was it empowering, embarrassing, harmful, constructive, negative or positive? If it is a trait that you do not have? Explore why. Is it something you feel weak in? Something that was not every made available or modeled to you? Is it a trait that feels entirely foreign and unattainable? What is it about this trait that you admire and how could it serve you?

All this introspection into Self helps you find balance. It helps bring into alignment what you long for, what you have the ability to become and what you need to release. It is important that we do this practice . It helps us become stronger in so many ways. It offers us insight into unconscious patterns we may be falling into. It teaches us about our weaknesses and strengths. It is important that we take a truthful assessment of ourselves and hold ourselves accountable if we wish to grow and become our best Self—the one that is connected to Spirit. No one else can or should do this for us. If someone in your life is attempting to hold you accountable to their review of you, it is their baggage and you should take control of this opportunity and ownership of your power over reviewing and accessing your own life. Asking for feedback must be done with full consciousness of your ability to receive information in a spirit of gratitude and your observation that the person you ask is committed to doing this kind of work and has valid experience to share. So, be careful of who you ask!

So, the next time you notice an energetic shift occurring within you that is being prompted by an interaction with someone, pause, reflect, question, process. Then receive this amazing gift of power to learn more about yourself and fully embrace it!