Creative Shake-up

How do you creatively celebrate your spirituality? Is it through art, dance, cooking, or some other beautiful activity? Spirit gives us the gift of creativity, some more…some less. But it is given none-the less. For some being creative is a wonderful outlet for stress, expendable energies or expression. They live to be creative. They enjoy the process. They take delight in it. Then there are others who do not turn to it that often, sometimes it is the first thing they toss aside when added stress comes their way or they prefer to express themselves in less creative ways. When is the last time you tried something new to express yourself creatively? Are you kind of stuck? Do you seem to turn to the same media or activity every time? What would happen if, for example, the dancer in you instead writes a spiritual poem? Or what if the photographer instead painted a picture of sacredness? Sometimes when we stretch ourselves like this we learn something new about ourselves. Sometimes we learn we really cannot paint very well and have a good laugh at the outcome, but still enjoyed the creative expression and levity of the activity. Sometimes we learn we have a hidden gift we did not know about and discover a new aspect of our creativity to explore and honor.

Like many things in life, doing something different brings about a much-needed change in our lives. We have to shake things up from time to time, step outside our comfort zone, be childlike and playful and take a small risk with our creative outlets.

I have done this from time to time for myself. I have learned to not judge myself so harshly and to simply enjoy the new form of spiritual practice and celebration. I let go of perfection, I play, I make a mess, I act silly, I try it on for size and be in the moment as fully and as mindfully as I can, taking it all in and letting all the newness excite me, delight me and even challenge me. I grow in those moments. I also have great fun.

Spirit wants for us to be joy filled, to explore, to question, to stretch and to wonder. Yes, you can still do all that in a practiced creativity as well. But sometimes it is so wonderful to color outside the spiritual lines of our sacred art!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade

I will not be able to post next week as I will be involved a shamanic intensive. I will be returning with regular Monday through Friday posts on September 17th. Many thanks for your understanding.