Mindful Acts In the Making

What does being mindful mean to you? For some it is paying attention and for others it is being focused. For me it means to be aware of everything that is going on inside and outside of me. Let me share a few examples of mindfulness. I am aware of the blue sky and the chirping birds and the dew soaking into my sneakers as I cross the grass in the morning to smell the blooming flowers in the backyard. I am aware of the smile lines forming at the corners of your eyes as you listen to a song on the radio that invokes memories from when you were a teenager. I am aware of the sense of joy that relaxes through my body when I pull into the driveway after returning from a trip away from home. This awareness is in the energy that we are all a part of. It is all around us and in all things. Our minds are very busy. Studies show we have as many as 60,000 thoughts each day! To be mindful we have to quiet our mind. It is beneath these thousands and thousands of thoughts that our inner peace resides. Within that peace rests our mindfulness. We find in that peace a place of pause. We find enough time and space to embrace the blue sky, the birds, the dew, the smiles, and the joy. We can be present with these glorious gifts that Spirit sends our way throughout our day.

We all have the ability to quiet our minds. It takes intention and practice. Starting small is best. Allow a few minutes a day where you bring mindfulness to the moment. Just be present with what you are observing. If other thoughts enter, sweep them away. If you are watching the sunset, enjoying the wispy clouds, the pastel colors the sun has painted across the sky and the golden rays sinking beneath the horizon and you suddenly think about calling your son’s teacher about an assignment…sweep that thought away and revisit the sunset. Assess how you feel as you watch the setting sun. How is your body responding? How are the birds and other creatures responding? How is the light shifting? Stay in the moment as long as you can. Each time you do this you will find it gets a bit easier and easier. You may find you begin to look forward to it. You may find you turn to this practice at times when your thoughts are overwhelming and getting the better of you. Patience and practice. Your mind works so very hard all day long. Being mindful gives it a moment of graceful pause. And your body and spirit take delight in this space of awareness.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade