The Lens of Possibilities

I have spent the last several days stretching the perception of what I have thought myself to be, of who I thought I was and of how I would bring myself into the future. I have been given opportunity to be lovingly supported and challenged in this stretching. I have been called to task, given pause to reflect, ritual to honor, guidance to lean into and sistership to celebrate. And things have changed. I arrived at this moment, hungry and aware that I needed to be fed. I arrived at this place on the path with hopes and awareness. I did not take this opportunity for granted or lightly. I was ready for what Spirit was bringing to the table.

It has taken many years and much growth to even be able to get here. It has taken so much release of the shoulds, the stories, the pain, the expectations and the fear. I have had to experience what wasn’t in order to embrace what was. I have been asked to take things within my life, assess them, to look at them from a distance and then to focus on them with a lens of intense focus. I have had to make difficult choices.

Life is not what we always expect it to be, nor is it always what others tell us it should be. BUT it is always what it is supposed to be. Living in this place of conscious awareness has now brought me to today, to a place of stretching and of reaching the widest of expanse of possibilities. I think it is something I have grown to be comfortable in. It is not always enjoyable, it is not always easy, and it is definitely not always clear. But living this way, slowly flowing into each of these transitions within my days, I don’t miss the lessons as often. I more often am aware of the moments of insight and wonder.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade