The Power for Tomorrow

We live in a society where people are applauded for standing out above the rest. This gives one the perception that anything that is not exceptional is less than. Yet, how many of us live moments that look like a script from an award winning television show, or with a golden award hanging around our neck or or awaken to thunderous applause. Many are caught up in a game of competition. This type of living brings many of my clients to my door asking me, “What do I do with the rest of my life?” They are looking for a special vision, an important mission, a unique calling. They feel inadequate without this. What they are missing is that they are looking to others, looking outside of themselves, and comparing and contrasting their life with others for the answer.

The answer is not outside of them, but instead it is within them. That is where the call lives. It takes great courage to be able to BE with this. It takes understanding and inner strength to release the need to be better than others. It takes understanding that all one needs to be is the best that they can be at any given moment.

This allows us to let go of the need to think about what others are thinking or saying about us. It gives us the room and the grace to live by our own principles. We develop a courage to ask ourselves growth producing questions. It allows room for us to explore and discover new concepts and see how they fit with who we are.

How you choose to view the life you have right now, how you choose to live it, to be with it and to explore it is the greatest indicator of how exceptional you truly are. So many people live lives of judgment and opinions of others. To refrain from this practice and to instead place the energy and focus on their own lives is where inner truth resides. Being authentic with our self and practicing this authenticity daily gives power to our tomorrows.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade