How Things Changed

I remember the day I began a new practice and how everything changed from that day forward. I had been reading a book and it inspired me and brought to my mind and heart questions that felt good to ask. One of these questions was, “How can I be of service today?” That was when everything changed. I learned that this questioning helps me be aware to how I present myself to others, what I support, how I encourage, and even the things I let go of. I now ask myself this question everyday. Everyday! Even on those hectic busy days. Even on those days when I may be not feeling well. Even on those days when the unexpected happens. Everyday. Here are some of the answers.

I can be of service in small ways, on those hectic days, by keeping present and working on my personal stress level. I am able to keep a positive perspective and offer this to my family and friends, keeping things light and trying to remain upbeat.

I can be of service, even on those days I do not feel well, by taking good care of my body temple. By practicing good self-care I am modeling this to those around me. My body appreciates and responds to this service of self and the healing can begin.

I can be of service when the plans that have been made need to be released or shifted because the unexpected happens by walking with grace, being open to all possibilities and receptive to what life is presenting to me.

I am always in service to Spirit in my shamanic practice. I am often in service to my clients as a Spiritual Life Coach. I am often in service to my family as a mother and a partner to my husband. I am blessed and happy to be aware of all the different ways I can be of service. Now each day has a purpose and does not blend from one day into another. I bring an awareness to my days. I hold intention in my days. This changes everything. It brings an energy to my day that supports my beliefs, charges my passions, feeds my mind and spirit, honors my body and puts a smile on my face. Everything changed with that one question all those years ago. Who knew!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade