The Value of Personal Time

Having spent some recent time away with family on vacation, I have had the gift of non-schedule. Normally, my life weaves together spirit time, family time, social time, client time, and personal time…not always in that order. While on vacation I was able to play with the measures and doses of these times. Where room was made, I was able to embrace more personal time, which was lovely. Personal time for me usually has abundant quiet time. Time to reflect, to daydream, to nap, to do walking meditations, to drum, to chant, to journal, to read, to sit quietly with eyes closed listening to the birds and cicadas and more. Personal time regenerates, refuels, refreshes and revitalizes me in a most important way. I value this time. I honor this time. I celebrate this time.

Personal time also makes more room in my life. I am able to sit and discover what no longer serves me and release it. I am also able to decide on re-balancing of the components of my life.

Let’s face it, I have very, very full days! I enjoy the fullness. Rarely does it get to the point of stress or disappointment. But this is only because I have put personal time at the top of my list for good self-care! Without it, I am sure things would be dramatically different. Everything would be effected; my relationships, my work, my spiritual connection, and even my mental status. I begin to suffer. My clarity goes. My passion wanes. My vision clouds. My step slows. Personal time keeps me strong, alive and balanced.

Personal time also keeps me grounded. It affords me time to sit within the embrace of nature. It is there that I breathe deeply, relax fully, and focus clearly. Sitting beneath a tree or at the water's edge gives me pause to soak up what Mother Earth has to offer. She is generous beyond measure and our relationship complete the cycle for me of spirit, mind and body.

Personal time has become a necessity for me. I do not understand when people tell me that they have no time for it. I believe what they are not understanding is that the reason they have no time for it is because they don’t understand the enormity of what it offers and on how many levels. Imagine how your life would be different if you created space for more personal time.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade